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Can I compost cling film & resealable bags at home? You can!

Over 119,000 km of plastic cling film is used by Kiwis per year... enough to wrap the length of our nation 75 times. What is the difference between home compostable, and commercially compostable? You will have noticed that compostable packaging is springing up everywhere, and inevitably, with it comes confusion. Home Compostable, Commercially Compostable, Biodegradable, Oxo-degradable - what does it all mean?! All will become clear, we’ll dish the dirt on the terms you need to know below. Home Compostable vs Commercially Compostable It’s important to know whether that coffee cup you’re drinking from can actually be composted, and where does it need to go for that to happen? Can you compost it yourself at home, or does it need...

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