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How it works

Our packageless bulk foods are all sold by weight. You can buy as much or as little as you like, perfect for trying new things & reducing waste. Bring your own containers & jars to refill instore, or use our paper bags. All our packaging is 100% recyclable, reusable, or home compostable. Shop instore or online.

Drop & Dash

In a rush? Drop off your containers for us to refill. Run your errands, grab the kids from school, order a coffee next door. We'll flick you a text when your shopping is ready to collect.



Shop online and get fresh pantry goods packed in compostable bags delivered direct to your door. We deliver throughout New Zealand in our eco-packaging. Learn more.



Click & Collect

Shop online and select "pickup". Choose a day, time, and store that suits you. All free of charge.


Refill Instore

Use our compostable bags
  1. Code it. Write the product code on the bag.
  2. Fill it with your chosen product.
  3. Weigh & pay at the counter.


Refill your own vessel

You can bring your own clean containers into our store to refill. We also offer jars and bottles for purchase. 

  1. Weigh at counter. We record the weight of your empty container. 
  2. Fill it & code it. You fill your container & record the product code. 
  3. Weigh & pay. We deduct the weight of your empty container off the total weight. You only pay for the contents!