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Our Story

Jackson Mulligan | Founder


Waste-free shopping for everyone

Refill Nation was born out of our love of home, our community &

whānau, and a desire to eliminate wasteful packaging in Aotearoa. So we built a place to shop waste-free for a waste-free nation, locally owned & operated in the heart of Te Atatū Peninsula & Titirangi, Auckland. 

We believe reducing waste should be achievable for everyone. To truly drive change, we need refillable and reusable alternatives that are affordable for everyday shoppers. Refill Nation aims to be the shopping experience of the future for Kiwi households in a bid to help the planet and the next generation. See how it works.



There's no denying plastic pollution is a problem

Earth now has its own massive floating island of plastic between California and Hawaii three times the size of France, and growing rapidly. Here in Aotearoa, it is estimated that 20% of our landfills are made up of plastic waste. The majority of this comes from food packaging. Yikes.

Since opening, our Refillers have helped us save over an estimated 500,000 pieces of plastic packaging from entering our environment and landfill – and counting! Kia ora to that. As Kiwis, we have a chance to lead the world on reducing plastic pollution. By simply evolving our shopping habits, we wholeheartedly believe in the positive impact we can have on our environment, our community, and our future generations. Learn more here.


Small change is still change

We believe trying to make a difference whatever shape or size counts! You do you. Define what zero-waste living looks like for you in the context of your circumstances and budget. Simple as that. Refill Nation is here to help and support you.