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Oil, Vinegar & Syrup

Here's a look at our great range of oils, vinegars & syrups available in store. 
Zero waste is the aim of the game. So we currently don’t ship liquids as the undesirable packaging required to do so only adds to the waste problem.
Visit or call us for our most up-to-date pricing. 


Product Description $/100g
Balsamic Vinegar I am great for cooking and making dressings. 0.83
Canola Oil Made from crushed Canola seeds, Canola oil is a vegetable oil that is versatile. Use in baking, grilling and cooking. Canola oil is a staple in most kitchens. 0.42
Organic Coconut Oil Use me as a cooking oil alternative, I'm also great in baking. 1.6
Golden Syrup A give a rich flavour to your baking. 0.39
Raw Native Honey Native raw honey is unprocessed and unpasturised to ensure all the goodness of natural properties, vitamins and living enzymes are preserved. Rich in taste and texture, this honey is an all natural culinary delight and a ‘must’ in the kitchen for raw fooders! 3.04
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar I can be used in cooking but many use me to make a health drink. 1.12
Organic Brown Rice Malt Syrup I'm wheat-free and less sweet than other sugars. I'm great in baking or sweetening drinks. 1.2
Organic Coconut Syrup I'm a natural sweetener that has a mild flavour, try me instead of other sugars when baking. 3.21
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil I'm amazing! Use me in your cooking, dressings, or splash on to finish a meal. 2.48
Organic Hemp Seed Oil Hemp oil is the proven optimal ratio of essential fatty acids, omega 3, 6. Cold-pressed, filtered and flushed, to ensure the oils are as fresh as the day they were made. Use me in your cooking, dressings, or splash on to finish a meal. 5.67
Organic Maple Syrup Pop me on pancakes or use me as a sugar alternative in your baking. 4.54
Organic Sunflower Oil I'm a great oil for cooking and dressings. 1.39
Organic Tamari Soy Sauce I'm a special soy sauce often associated with Japanese food rather than Chinese. I add a great flavour to any Asian cuisine. 1.96
Sherry Vinegar I'm very versatile, I can be used to deglaze a pan or for dressings. 0
Roasted Sesame Oil Roasted sesame oil is well suited to stir-frying meats and vegetables and for sauces and omelets. 2.5
White Vinegar A genuine English natural white vinegar used in cooking, baking, meat preservation, and pickling, as well as medicinal, laboratory, and cleaning purposes. 0.25