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Using Washing Soda for a Crystal Clean Home

Using Washing Soda for a Crystal Clean Home

Feeling that Spring cleaning motivation to clear off the cobwebs of winter? Us too!! We love to use natural cleaners around our homes and in our stores, to save our waterways from harsh chemicals, but also to protect our skin and avoid breathing in toxins. 

One of our very fave products to use in spring is our washing soda crystals, also commonly known as washing soda, sodium carbonate or soda ash. They not only do a great job of being a multi-use, natural cleaner, but are also incredibly cost effective. 

Here's some of our fave ways to use washing soda crystals around the home, but we can't wait to hear your tips too!

1. Laundry Booster

- Add 1/2 cup of washing soda to your laundry detergent to boost it's cleaning power. It help soften water and remove stains and odours from clothes

2. Fabric Softener

- Using 1/2 cup of washing soda to the rinse cycle of your laundry can help soften fabric and reduce static cling.

3. Stain Remover

-Create a paste by mixing washing soda with a small amount of water, and apply it to stubborn stains on clothing. Let it sit for a few minutes before laundering as usual.

4. Carpet Stain Remover

- For carpet stains, make a solution by dissolving 1 tablespoon of washing soda in 2 cups of warm water. Blot the stain with the solution, let it sit for a few minutes, and then blot it dry.

5. Oven Cleaner

 - Sprinkle washing soda on the interior of your oven and oven racks. Spray with water to make a paste, let it sit overnight, and then scrub away the grease and grime.

6. All-Purpose Cleaner

- Mix 1/4 cup of washing soda with a quart of warm water to create an effective all-purpose cleaner for surfaces like countertops, sinks, and stovetops.

7. Bathroom Cleaner

- Combine washing soda with water to create a thick paste, and use it to scrub away soap scum and grime in the bathroom, including on tiles, tubs, and sinks.

8. Dishwasher Booster

- Add 2 tablespoons of washing soda to the bottom of your dishwasher before running a cycle to help boost cleaning performance and reduce water spots on dishes.

9. Silverware Cleaner

- Make a solution of 1/4 cup washing soda in 3-4 litres of hot water and soak tarnished silverware for a few minutes. Rinse and buff for shinier results.

10. Drain Cleaner

- Pour a cup of washing soda followed by hot water down clogged drains to help break down grease and clear blockages.

11. Grill Cleaner

- Sprinkle washing soda on a wet grill grate, scrub with a brush, and rinse to remove built-up residue and grease.

12. Deodorizer

- Place an open container of washing soda in the refrigerator, freezer, or other areas with odors to help absorb and neutralize unpleasant smells.



Loving these tips, and will now buy some washing soda.

Also loving your recipes. It would be great if you could introduce some “print page” functionality so the relevant text can be easily printed.

Thank you.

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