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🌱  I refill because…
A conservationist at heart, anything I can do to help the planet and its inhabitants I try to do. It takes dedication and determination, though, and changing the perceptions of the ones close to us. And because my son tells me to. 
💡  My best waste-free discovery…
Refill Nation! So great to have a friendly neighbourhood shop that helps eliminate plastic packaging, and helps me live more plastic free. Milk in glass bottles has to be the winner – just like the old days! Doesn't the milk taste fabulous?!
🍫  My fave Refill Nation snack…
Savoury: vege chips, but the hemp & nut mix thingies are gaining traction.
Sweet: dark chocolate ginger.
🤔  At first I thought eco-living was…
Living in a mudbrick house in the country growing veggies and chickens and bringing up lots of children.
🌼  But now I know…
It's all about the little things we can all do every day, and encourage other people to do, to make our planet a better place. Refusing to buy lots of synthetic, plastic, over-packaged goods, and looking for a better alternative. Re-using and giving useful things to someone who wants them, rather than sending them to landfill. My collection of glass storage containers is becoming legendary.

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