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Moo! We've got fresh milk

Moo! We've got fresh milk

We've partnered with Bella Vacca Jerseys in Northland to bring you farm fresh Jersey milk in glass bottles! Available instore only.

How it works

  1. Buy your first full bottle (to own) for $9.40
  2. Return your clean empty bottle + cap
  3. Swap with a full bottle & pay only $4.49

Unique in many ways, the biggest thing that sets Bella Vacca apart is that the milk is piped directly to the pasteuriser after milking, pasteurised and then chilled, all done without the milk leaving the property and completed within a few hours of the cows being milked. This full cream milk is pasteurised for your safety but not homogenised or standardised. 

About Bella Vacca Farms

Nestled just to the west of Kawakawa is the Pokapu Valley, The Goodhue Family have farmed here for over 100 years now and we are proud to be entrusted with its care. With 5 generations of dairy farming running through our blood we feel we have learnt a thing or 2 over the generations, and with branches of the family now farming between Taranaki, the Waikato and here in Northland we all have one common passion, Producing milk of the highest quality.


Hi Chantel, each first bottle costs $8.20 (purchase to own). Our milk is delivered fresh to our store twice weekly. Total shelf life after pasteurization is around up to two weeks. But remember to check the best before date on the bottle when you purchase :)

Hi really interested in the milk. If I got 3 bottles at once how long would it last before going off? Also if I got three bottles at once do I have to pay the 8$ on each of the bottles?

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