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🌱  I refill because…
It’s clean, it's mean, and if it ain’t sustainable… it ain’t worth it! As consumers, I think we should all be making more environmentally-friendly decisions, as there’s power in what we pay for. We vote with our wallets! I don’t like collecting nasty non-recyclables when I shop, and Refill Nation helps me get around this. The cool staff keep the place tickety boo and always brighten your day too! 
💡 My best waste-free discovery…
Glass jars. Since shopping at Refill Nation, I now use glass jars for so much more than before. They're airtight, recyclable, and can be used again and again. This is another great opportunity to ditch nasty single-use plastics. 
🍫  My fave Refill Nation snack…
Has to be the roasted almonds! Immensely moreish and equally healthy. For Lola (aka “the furry bullet”), the dried liver kumara chips are her favourite, but, she still plans on tasting the remaining dog snacks on offer.
🤔  At first I thought eco-living was…
Whalesong, Tie-Dye t-shirts, world music, and dreadlocks.
🌼  But now I know…
Being sustainable is about making a conscious effort to look after the planet with what you buy, what you use, and how you live.

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