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🌱  I refill because...
I can! Shopping with Refill Nation means I don't need to buy my food and products in plastic. Also, I live rurally so I can get it delivered to my door. Win! Win!

💡  My best waste-free discovery...
Getting all our muesli ingredients in paper rather than plastic. We currently don't have soft plastic recycling in Canterbury, so I'm happy we’re not adding more plastic to landfill.

🍫  My fave Refill Nation snack...
Blackcurrant and chia seed bites. They satisfy my sweet cravings and are nutritious. The dark chocolate ginger is a VERY close second…!

🤔  At first I thought eco-living was...
Going right off the grid and being very self-sufficient.

🌼  But now I know...
It's about the little bits I can do to help make a difference.


Dear Cat, it’s through you and your Mum, that I now shop at Refill Nation too. Yes….. my fave is the dark choc ginger and my close second are the dried figs!!! Lee

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