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🌱  I refill because…
Why wouldn’t you when we have this amazing shop in our community that offers an opportunity to make a difference with waste reduction and mass consumerism. I want my children to be more conscious of where and how our food makes it to our table, and to recognise that 'supporting local thinking global’ is essential to the future world that they will lead in.
💡  My best waste-free discovery…
Natural deodorant! This shizz definitely works and removes ‘mixed medium’ plastics, which cannot be recycled, from the waste system. Who would have thought… deodorant in a jar!
🍫  My fave Refill Nation snack…
My girls love the tamari almonds and banana chips in their lunches. And if I can be so bold as to call coffee a ‘snack’, I LOOOVE my Eighthirty coffee beans.
🤔  At first I thought eco-living was…
About doing everything perfectly.
🌼  But now I know…
We need everyone to be practicing environmental consciousness with imperfect enthusiasm, rather than a few doing it perfectly.

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