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Maude & Ant

Maude & Ant

🌱  We refill because…
We care about our planet, and think it’s important for everyone to do their bit where they can. Refilling is a vital tool to do that.
💡  Our best waste-free discovery…
Hand soap! It sounds simple, but investing in a reusable hand wash container and refilling it with liquid soap from Refill Nation is life changing. It really makes you feel like you have your life together if you can match your container with your toothbrush holder.
🍫  Our fave Refill Nation snack…
Peanut butter! It’s a true classic, and Refill Nation is one of the only places we’ve found that lets you crunch it yourself. So satisfying!
🤔  At first we thought being eco-conscious was…
Making sure that there was no room for error. If we were going to help the planet, it would be all or nothing. We had to do everything perfectly.
🌼  But now we know…
The best thing is to put that mentality behind us. It’s far more important to show up imperfectly, than to not show up at all. Let’s break down the barriers to eco-consciousness, and invite everyone in. If you’re trying, you’re helping. Remember to be kind with yourself and your efforts.

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