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🌱  I refill because… 
This earth is pretty amazing and we should do what we can to look after her! If I can reduce waste one shopping trip at a time, I’m here for it. Plus the team at Refill Nation are pretty epic, and I love supporting a local business.  

💡  My best waste-free discovery…
My Little Green Dish Brush and Bottle Brush from Refill Nation (does that show how much time I spend cleaning?!). They last really well and once they’ve reached the end of their time, all you do is replace the head rather than the whole brush. So good!! Also, my beeswax wraps to replace glad wrap.  

🍫  My fave Refill Nation snack…
So hard to narrow it down but the dark chocolate ginger would have to be my number one go-to at the end of the day with a cup of tea. But, I equally love the hemp seed mix for an afternoon snack (although it disappears pretty quickly in my house with my husband and toddler around who also love it). 

🤔  At first I thought being eco-conscious was…
Just splitting my rubbish and recycling into the right bins… I had a bit to learn!

🌼  But now I know…
Although getting your recycling right is one great thing to do, there is so much you can do to reduce the amount you consume so you're less often filling up your recycling bin! Every little bit counts, think of it as one less piece of plastic sitting in landfill or floating in the ocean!

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