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Natural & Waste Free Ways to Dehumidify Your Home

Natural & Waste Free Ways to Dehumidify Your Home

If you are experiencing some extra moisture in any part of your home, you might want to give these natural and affordable dehumidifying options a go. You can pick up the ingredients waste-free by bringing your containers in store, or we can ship to you in compostable packaging. As an added bonus, they use no electricity!

The following 2 options work, as they are hygroscopic, one of the main features of hygroscopic substances is that they attract water from their surroundings. 

Himalayan Rock Salt

Himalayan Rock Salt - Refill Nation

A DIY rock salt dehumidifier is an effective way to absorb water from the air. To make a rock salt dehumidifier you'll want 2 buckets, a drill and some rock salt.

Drill holes in one of your buckets and place it inside the second bucket. Fill the bucket with holes drilled in it, with Himalayan Rock Salt. As the dehumidifier works, water will drip through to the outer bucket, so remember to empty this regularly and change over the salt as required.

Baking Soda 

Baking Soda - Refill Nation

It's no secret that baking soda has many uses, both in and out of the kitchen, but did you know that dehumidifying is one of them? 

Best for smaller areas, such as pantries, closets, cupboards or small laundry rooms. 

To make a baking soda dehumidifier couldn't be easier! Simply put baking soda in a bowl, and place around high moisture areas of your home. If you are concerned about it being in an open bowl, you can cover with light, open weave fabric. Just remember to change over the baking soda once it's gone hard. 

When you're finished with your baking soda dehumidifier, Break up the hardened baking soda and sprinkle on areas of your yard you'd like to keep weed-free! (composting baking soda is not ideal, as it can kill the beneficial fungicides).  


And last but not least, if you're looking for justification to buy or propagate more houseplants, this might be for you!

House Plants

A few houseplants that have dehumidifying properties are;

Spider Plants, Peace Lilies, Golden Pothos, Orchids, Peperomia and many types of Fern. 

So go crazy, make your home a humidity-free jungle, you have our permission.



Moving into my housetruck soon and looking forward to giving these brilliant ideas a go… Already have some of the aforementioned plants, so yay, thanks for the tips! Awesome.

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