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Space (and money) Saving Multi-purpose Eco Faves

Space (and money) Saving Multi-purpose Eco Faves

2 in 1 products are great, but is it really enough to just have 2 functions? For space saving in smaller storage areas, or cash saving by using less (and more affordable) products, we reckon you'll love our 'more than 2 in 1' tips for a streamlined eco home.

Washing Soda Crystals.

This non-toxic, natural and biodegradable product is popularly used in a load of laundry, to soften the water, and clothing. Did you know they also have so many other wonderful uses around the home? We're never without this cleaning all-in-one! Some of the wonderful ways we love to use ours; to clear blocked drains, prep walls for painting, oven cleaner, grout freshener, BBQ scrub, sink/toilet cleaner... really the list of things washing soda crystals don't clean would be shorter! 

Ethiques Tip-To-Toe.

Tip-to-Toe™ 2-In-1 Solid Shampoo & Shaving Bar | Ethique Plastic-free Products - main shot

It's no secret that bathroom bars are more space efficient and cost effective long term, but if you're trying to reduce the number of products you have in your shower, then this is the bar for you! It's a shampoo, shaving bar and body bar in 1! Now we see how it got its name!

Bamboo Reusable Eco-Cloths.

Bamboo Reusable Eco Wipes - Refill Nation

This fave is a fabulous paper towel replacement, and as just one roll is the equivalent to 65 rolls of paper towels, they're cost effective too!

They're safe on all surfaces and are designed for multi-purpose cleaning and wiping, including, food spills, windows, drying hands, kitchen, bathroom, laundry. We also love to use them to press tofu or meat, dusting, drying excess water off your freshly washed salad greens, wrapping herbs for fridge storage, covering ice packs.... where does it end?!



White Vinegar is an incredibly cost effective way to add some zing to salad dressings, baking, pickling and cooking. We asked our Grandma what she uses white vinegar for though, and we were not disappointed! As a rinse add, drain cleaner, weed killer, bug repellent, hair rise, to clean sticker residue, jewellery cleaner, washing vegetables, odour neutraliser, spot cleaner.... gosh! What can't vinegar do?!

 We hope these tried and true products save you some storage space, and some money. Feel free to share your space saving eco-friendly tips with us too, we love to hear them.

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