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Recyling Tips (you might not know)

Recyling Tips (you might not know)

Recycling is something we all do, and in Auckland we're lucky enough to have curbside recycling pick up. But it can be tricky to know what goes in this bin, just because it has the recycling symbol on the packaging, doesn't necessarily mean it can be placed in curbside for pick up.

For other councils, the rules can differ, so best to check your specific councils website.

Did you know (in Auckland) you can place the following items in your recycling bin?

Plastic Biscuit/Cracker Trays

The soft plastic wrapper on the outside cannot go in your curbside bin, and needs to be taken to your nearest specialty soft plastic recycling bin, however the tray insert can be cleaned and recycled!

Plastic Takeaway Containers

Wash before placing in the recycling bin.

Plastic Bottles (lid on!)

Most people are aware plastic bottles are recyclable, but did you know to keep the lids on these?

Aluminium Cans & Tins

Do not squash these ones! The lids can cans can all go in the recycling bin once rinsed, but careful to keep their shape for ease of sorting at the recycling centre.

Tetra-Pak (excluding Great Barrier Island)

Plant-milks, juice boxes, you name it! Just clean it out first, and you're good to go!

Pizza Boxes

Pop the leftover pizza in the fridge, and the empty box in your recycling bin! As the turtles would say... PIZZA POWER! 


Kia ora Steve, thanks for checking out our blog. We agree it is important to check what your local council rules are for recycling. This guide is for Auckland as this is where our two retail stores are. For information on your council we recommend checking out their website. :-)

Might be worth reviewing some of this advice – as it’s not consistent with some practices – eg.Christchurch insist you throw ALL lids away,Tetra paks are a no go and Pizza boxes go in the green bin

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