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Gry & Sif

Gry & Sif

We are incredibly proud to be stockists of the beautiful, fair trade, felted art made by Gry & Sif. We love their seasonal pieces, celebrating Easter & Christmas, and adore that each piece is hand-crafted by skilled Nepali women, giving it a unique personality and characteristics. 

Gry & Sif started with a backpacking trip to Nepal in 2001. The plan was to continue eastwards, but the founders interest and love for the amazing country made them stay. They wanted to combine simple Danish design with this amazing raw and rustic fabric and the idea of "Gry & Sif" was born. All Gry & Sif products are handmade, so there is only "one" of each, as there will always be small differences on each product. Gry & Sif is Danish design, but all handmade in Nepal by very skilled workers.

All products are made from pure natural wool from New Zealand. In 2009 Gry & Sif received Fair Trade certification from the World Fair Trade Organization. 


Over the years, Gry and Sif have been involved
in various development projects in cooperation with local NGOs, for example
the women's organisation TEWA, as well as DANIDA. We have also provided financial support to charities, including an orphanage in Nepal's capital Kathmandu, as well as to workers and their families.

All pieces are made of 100% wool, felted with an ancient technique, and lots of skill.

They add warm soapy water to the wool, press and rub the wool and fibres together to form a felted textile. 

As the fibres tighten, they start to shape a Christmas stocking, Easter Bunny, Chubby Chicken, or any other desired shape.

If the decoration is made in more than one colour, for example a flower, then this colour is added into it.

Finally, the product is ready to be sent out to spread joy!


"The love for the Nepali people is great and will always be there"

Gry Staunstrup,
owner of Gry & Sif

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