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Celebrating a Waste Free Easter

Celebrating a Waste Free Easter

Easter can be a time of fun and celebration, but it can also generate a lot of waste with plastic eggs, chocolate wrappers, and disposable decorations. Here are some waste-free Easter ideas:

  1. Try natural egg dyes made from fruits and vegetables. Turmeric, Paprika, onion skins and beetroot all work well.

  2. Use recycled materials like paper and cardboard to make your own Easter decorations instead of buying new ones.

  3. Hit up your local op shops for Easter Baskets, that can be kept to use year after year.

  4. Consider giving non-chocolate gifts, like books, puzzles or check out our adorable range of fair trade felt Easter toys.

  5. Buy fair-trade or locally made chocolate, we have a few delicious options in store and online.

  6. Try some Easter baking, like Easter Buns or Ukrainian Easter Bread.

  7. Host an eco-friendly Easter egg hunt by using reusable eggs made from wood or metal, or hiding clues instead of eggs.

  8. Try our wooden egg cups for an easter morning brekkie, these can be dyed and decorated as part of a fun Easter activity too!!


By incorporating these waste-free Easter ideas, you can have a fun and environmentally conscious holiday.

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