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Celebrating Mothers Day, Sustainably

Celebrating Mothers Day, Sustainably

At Refill Nation, we'll take any excuse to celebrate Mums, and that's why we love a good Mother's Day celebration. Celebrating sustainably is a wonderful way to show appreciation for Mum, while also being mindful of the environment. We've popped together some ideas to help you celebrate with an eco-friendly twist:

    1. Choose sustainable gifts: Opt for gifts that are eco-friendly, such as organic or fair-trade products, reusable items like our Frank Green water bottles, useful items such as fair trade baskets, or items made locally and sustainably, such as the Fair + Square Soapery range. 

    2. DIY gifts: Get creative and make your own gifts. Consider creating a personalized photo album, writing a heartfelt letter, or making homemade natural beauty products using ingredients like essential oils, coconut oil, cacao butter and epsom salts.

    3. Plant a tree or flowers: Celebrate by planting a tree or a beautiful assortment of flowers. May is a great month for getting spring bulbs in, and you can do it together. If you don't have space for a garden, you can give her an indoor plant instead.

    4. Spend time in nature: Plan an outing with your Mum. It can be hard to plan outdoor activities in May in New Zealand, so pack your raincoats and discover a new walking track, or beach. Take a picnic, or simply take a leisurely walk together. 

    5. Cook a meal for your Mum using locally sourced, organic ingredients. Choose plant-based or vegetarian recipes to reduce the carbon footprint associated with meat production. If possible, visit a farmers market to support local farmers and reduce packaging waste. Check out our recipes, we recommend our plant-based tomato curry or creamy tomato gluten-free pesto pasta 

    6. Give the gift of experiences: Instead of physical gifts, consider giving your mother an experience she will cherish. It could be a spa day, a yoga class, a cooking workshop, or a subscription to an online course she's interested in. Experiences often create lasting memories while reducing material consumption.

    7. Make a donation in Mums honour, to an environmental or social cause she cares about. It could be a local charity, an organization that supports women's rights or environmental conservation, or any other cause that aligns with her values.

Happy Mothers Day to all the hard working Mums out there. Whether your children are young or grown, we hope you all have the very best day.

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