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White Chocolate Festive Fudge

White Chocolate Festive Fudge

Sure to satisfy any sweet tooth this White Chocolate Christmas Fudge is bursting with festive flavour. With sweet and tangy cranberries, beautiful green pistachios, spicy ginger and orange zest, it not only tastes festive but looks beautiful too. Whip up a batch, pop it into a jar & gift it to a friend for the perfect waste-free Christmas gift idea.

Makes: 24 pieces  | Total time: 20 minutes + setting time


450g (3 cups) White Chocolate Compound

196g (1can) Condensed milk 

120g (1 cup) Cranberries

170 g (in shells) ¾ cups (shelled) Pistachios

75g (½ cup) Crystallised Ginger

Zest from one orange

1. Bring a pot of water to a boil, once boiling place a heatproof bowl over the pot and turn down to a gentle simmer. To the bowl add the white chocolate, once the chocolate begins to melt add the condensed milk stirring with a spatula to mix until smooth.
2. Remove from heat and add in cranberries, pistachios, crystallised ginger and orange zest making sure you reserve a little of each for decoration
3. Mix well and pour into a lined slice tin or container of choice. Decorate top with reserved cranberries, pistachios, crystallised ginger and extra orange zest. Pop into the refrigerator to set. Once set cut into squares and enjoy.
4. Keep refrigerated for up to 7 days.

Recipe, styling, photography by Lena Fischer

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