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Paper Bag Christmas Stars

Paper Bag Christmas Stars

If you've been shopping plastic-free this Christmas, you might just find yourself in an abundance of paper bags! What better to use them for than a little festive cheer.
Our Paper Bag Christmas Stars are so easy to make, all you need is 8 paper bags, a pair of paper scissors and a glue stick. 
Start by turning your paper bag upside down and placing a generous smear of glue, in a T shape across the bottom horizontally, and through the centre vertically.
Place each paper bag on top of the glue and follow this step until you've used your 8 paper bags.
You should have a stack of 8 paper bags, all glued to each other down the centre, and across the bottom.
Then using your scissors, cut your stack of paper bags as per below diagram.
Glue the bottom bag to the top one, using the same T method, and your beautiful Christmas star will open up as you attach them!
These look great hung from the ceiling, on your front door or a-top your Christmas tree. We can't wait to see your paper bag creations. 

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