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Gear up with a Zero Waste Kit

Gear up with a Zero Waste Kit

Some zero-waste essentials to get you started :)


Reusable Cutlery

Handy for all sorts of meals and snacks. You could treat yourself to a 'spork' (spoon and fork in one), steal a set from home, grab some preloved cutlery from your local Op Shop. Or buy yourself one of these babies!


Reusable Coffee Cup

YES! Can't be without coffee, so can't be without your own keep cup. No matter if you do a double-shot or just a peppy tea, make sure you bring your own cup. Add up how many takeaway cups you would use per week... it’s a no-brainer swap to keep rubbish out of landfill. Check 'em out here.


Reusable Bamboo/Steel Straw

Say no to a plastic straw next time you order a drink and feel the satisfaction of using your own. Or just drink without a straw?


String Shopping Bags

Refusing plastic bags is one of the simplest ways to minimise your waste. And with more and more retailers getting on board to ban the plastic bag, the best way not to get caught short is to keep a few cotton reusable bags in the car for unexpected stops.


Fabric Napkin

With any food or drink on the run there can often be a little mess! Great to have a cotton napkin on hand (to wash and reuse later on). Plus, it's a little bit nicer than a rough paper napkin. Buy them from whereves, or cut your own from an old pillowcase or fabric scrap that you can wash and bring back to life!


Carry Bag

Cotton totes are available almost everywhere now. Here you go. You could also use a produce bag, or bulk-bin bag depending on how much you need to carry. Or if you are creative, make one from an old pillow case or tea towel. Enterprising!


Way to go. Each little change adds up to make a big difference! 



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