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Christmas Day, the low-waste way

Christmas Day, the low-waste way

Some ideas to enjoy a more sustainable, low-waste Christmas.

  • Regift! Shhh. We won't tell. Why not try to re-gift functional gifts to someone who has a real use for them? Or organise a round-robin gift exchange by doing a draw and have everyone give just one gift to an assigned person.

  • Reusable wrapping. Classic. Wrapping paper often has thin plastic films that makes it non-recyclable. Try wrapping gifts in brown paper with natural twine, or sustainably-sourced cotton fabric that you can reuse. Or wrap gifts in a Refill Nation cotton tote and make it part of the gift! Two birds, y'all.

  • Homemade & longer-life gifts. Going homemade shows your sincerity and thought, plus it's unique to boot. Look for longer-life gifts made of natural materials, and avoid battery-operated items. Check out our suggestions above for great reusable gifts :-)

  • Compost leftovers. Every year, mum makes a massive Christmas feast that keeps us fed for days. But leftovers only last so long. Instead of sending to landfill, try an urban composter, worm farm, or compost and turn leftovers into food for your garden.

  • Going vegetarian whether partially or fully also helps.

  • Try to avoid single-use plastics when shopping for snacks and treats. We're here to help!

  • DIY decorations. Decorations add magic and a festive vibe to every home. Why not get crafty and make your own. Search online how to make easy eco-friendly xmas gifts that look awesome. There are so many ideas out there, and it's good fun for the kids! 

  • Reuse & recycle whatever you can. Keep salvageable wrapping paper and ribbons to reuse next year, or for upcoming birthday gifts. Always try to recycle before sending to landfill. (Check out our recycling numbers tip in the section below).


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