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Super Foods, Super You

Super Foods, Super You

Keen for a little extra pep in your step? Here's a look at just some of the goods in our great range of Superfoods.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are rich in healthy fats and essential fatty acids. They are also a great protein source, and contain high amounts of vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron, and zinc. Hemp seeds can be consumed raw, cooked or roasted, they have a nutty flavour and are great sprinkled over a meal.

Psyllium Husks

Psyllium is a form of fibre made from the husks of the Plantago ovata plant seeds. It is great for gut and heart health as well as weight loss. It is also commonly used in baking as a natural binding agent, sprinkled on muesli, or added to smoothies.

Ground Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, rich in antioxidants, and they provide fibre, iron, and calcium. Omega-3 fatty acids help raise HDL cholesterol, the "good" cholesterol that protects against heart attack and stroke. Add to your baking, smoothies, or sprinkle on your breakfast.

Organic Red Rice

An easy substitute for white or brown rice, red rice is higher in protein and fibre than white rice varieties, but where it really shines is in its antioxidant content. Like black rice, it’s packed with flavonoid antioxidants. Flavonoids can help decrease inflammation in your body, keep free radical levels in check, and may reduce your risk of chronic conditions, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Organic Sprouted & Fermented Pea Protein Powder

Certified Organic, dairy-free vegan protein that offers a complete amino acid profile. This gentle formula has been designed for easy digestion and is enhanced with plant-based digestive enzymes for premium bioavailability. Increase your daily protein intake and support muscle repair and growth with this delicious formula. Add a couple of tablespoons to your smoothie or shake.

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