Awwa Underwear

AWWA period panties look and feel just like your normal underwear, but can hold and absorb up to four regular pads or tampons worth of blood.


Our rigorously tested NZ designed period underwear features:

  • innovative super slim fabric - no bulky layers here! 
  • a super-absorbent layer to hold and absorb your flow
  • anti-microbial and moisture wicking technology to keep you dry and feeling fresh
  • a soft organic cotton layer closest to your skin, designed to draw moisture away fast
  • a leak-resistant barrier to prevent any leakage
  • flattering cuts that fit comfortably but firmly to help prevent spills, and feel stylish and sleek

Depending on your flow, you choose to wear AWWA period underwear as an alternative to pads, tampons or cups, or in conjunction with other menstrual products. Whatever works for you is great with us!


How to Manage your Period with AWWA

  • Wear your AWWA underwear for as long as you would normally wear 2 regular tampons or 2 pads.
  • Rinse your period underwear and throw in the washing machine with your ordinary clothes.
  • Put on another pair of AWWA period underwear and go smash your day.


Period Underwear Size Chart

AWWA underwear is made true to size so your best bet is to use our size chart below and consider the size of underwear you currently wear. The most important measurement is your hips, as this is where the underwear sit. 

To ensure the leak proof technology does its job our underwear fits slight more snug than your regular underwear.